So cool you want a Product Video. Here's how to move forward:

Send us an email at and let us know what you are looking for an how you'd like to use the video. It's pretty easy to get the ball rolling so we can collaborate on exactly the perfect video for your product.

Here's what you'll need to provide to make it happen:

— How many products and what SKUs you would like to feature
— Desired background color, texture, or setting for the video
— The overall mood for your video (ie: playful, hip, contemporary, dark, shocking, fun...)
— Formats needed (ie: horizontal, vertical, square...)
— Target duration
— Any particular features you'd like to highlight
— Copy, if you have some in mind

Here's an example to help you out:

I want to feature my Pinot Noir 2020 and Chardonnay 2019 in a holiday-themed video. I'd like the background to be outdoors with some green that is similar our logo. I want a playful style that encourages people to bring the wine to holiday parties. I need three formats: horizontal, vertical, and square. I want a short video, 10-15 seconds, that can be shared on social media easily. There is a green leaf motif on these bottles that would be cool to highlight. Can we put our web address into the video? What about a little message, like "happy holidays from our team"


Thanks for the feedback! 🙏🏽