What should I have ready to start ordering product images?

Before you get started ordering product images with Outshinery, there are a few key items you need to have prepared:

Be ready to answer our comprehensive questionnaire, which includes specific details about your product, such as the shape of the bottle, the color of the glass, the type of closures, and more. We have carefully designed this process to be user-friendly and highly efficient, ensuring a smooth experience for you.

Next, make that you have your design label files and capsule artwork readily available. Ideally, these files should be in PDF or Adobe Illustrator format. Rest assured, whatever you have sent for printing will work perfectly fine for us!

Lastly, while it's not a requirement, if you have any phone pictures of the actual product, feel free to share them with us. These can help us to better understand your product and ensure the highest level of accuracy in our images.

So, gather your information, and let's get started on bringing your product to life with stunning, high-quality images!

Remember, there's no need to wait until your product is bottled to capture stunning photos! With everything being digital, you have the flexibility to order Product Shots whenever you want.

Updated on: 04/08/2023