There are a few steps to getting started with Outshinery. Basically, these are parts that work together:

Set up your Studio account
Purchase a Subscription that works for you
Order Bottle Shots via a questionnaire in Outshinery Studio
Browse and order Lifestyle Images and other assets via the Outshinery Market, also linked in Studio

Here's the breakdown:

When you are ready to go, you'll set up your Outshinery Studio account by clicking Create My Account.

You'll get an email to confirm your account and link yourself to your organization.

Then you'll be able to choose your preferred Subscription or pack and add the appropriate billing information.

After that, you'll find a link within your Studio dashboard to order Bottle Shots via an interactive questionnaire. We can also set up extra links for you to order multiple SKUs at once.

Since this process is all online, it’s efficient and fast. And you won’t need to send us physical samples to get it done.

Please note that a Bottle Shot is first necessary for any SKU for which you'd like to order a Lifestyle Image or other asset. Think of the Bottle Shot like the movie star that must be cast before the show can be made.

If you are curious about pricing, here's more information.

You can also check out this video: How do I get started?

We’re excited to have you and guess what...if you still aren't sure...

You can try for free right now.

Thanks for the feedback! 🙏🏽