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What are Shine Credits?

Shine Credits serve as the currency within the Outshinery platform, representing value units that can be exchanged for various services. These services encompass image rendering, video creation, and other visual content production. The more Shine Credits you possess, the greater access you have to an array of services.

Furthermore, the more Shine Credits you purchase, the more cost-effective it becomes — an aspect worth considering! These versatile credits offer flexibility and can be utilized across all services. They provide an efficient, flexible, and streamlined approach to managing and budgeting your visual content creation needs on Outshinery.

Learn more about Shine Credits on our Pricing page.

To illustrate, imagine yourself entering a theme park. Upon arrival, you acquire a specific number of tickets to indulge in your favorite rides. The same principle applies to Shine Credits!

Updated on: 25/08/2023