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Can I get my Product Shots on a transparent background?

Absolutely! At Outshinery, we fully understand the need for Product Shots on transparent backgrounds to cater to various marketing needs and platforms. Traditional photography often struggles to provide clean, perfect images with transparent backgrounds. However, our advanced computer graphics imagery (CGI) technology creates crisp, high-resolution images with transparent backgrounds with ease. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate your Product Shots into any design layout or color scheme, making them invaluable for your visual marketing content.

Outshinery is pleased to provide you with your Product Shots in various image formats, to cater to all your needs. These formats include:
PNG: Best for maintaining image quality when scaling for print or digital use. This format also supports transparency.
JPEG: Ideal for online usage, including websites and social media (due to the limitations of the JPG format, this asset is delivered on a clean white background)
TIFF: A high quality format with transparent background, suitable for print applications.

By supplying multiple image formats, we ensure that you can use your Product Shots effectively across all marketing platforms, both digital and printed.

P.S: Your success is important to us. If you provide us with the specific image size requirements for your website or e-commerce platform, we will happily resize your assets perfectly at no extra cost!

Updated on: 15/08/2023