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Will my 3D rendered bottle shots look as good as traditional photos?

Here's the deal: Your bottles will not just look better, but way better!

Using computer-generated imagery offers numerous advantages in terms of quality and consistency. It allows us to showcase your products in perfect lighting, capturing even the most challenging details like shiny gold or silver finishes flawlessly. The text on your bottle will be crisp and clear, ensuring maximum legibility and enhancing brand recognition.

Moreover, with Outshinery, you'll have the opportunity to review the results before committing to a final version. This sets us apart from traditional photography where proofs are rarely offered. Usually, photographers would bring your physical product to their studio, take the shots, and then provide you with the results. If you're satisfied, great. But if not, tough luck.

With us, you'll have complete control over every aspect of your product's appearance. We won't stop until we get it just right.

Outshinery's Product Shots elevate beyond traditional photography by leveraging cutting-edge digital rendering technology. This enables us to create hyper-realistic and stunning visuals consistently without the hassle and expenses of traditional photoshoots.

Additionally, our digital approach eliminates the need for physical products, reducing our environmental impact and ensuring quick turnarounds.

But wait, there's more – our product shots offer incredible customization options. We can create images in any desired setting, background, or lighting condition, empowering you with full control over how your product is showcased. This level of personalization and precision is simply unmatched in regular photography.

Outshinery can single-handedly change how a winery markets itself. On-demand, high-quality, uniform bottle shots? Yes, please! Turn around is just a couple of days and the cost is much lower than hiring a 'real' photographer. We get compliments all the time. JJ Williams, Kiona Vineyard

Updated on: 15/08/2023