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Can you explain what 3D product images are?

A "digital" bottle shot, or a 3D product image, is a digital representation of your product created using advanced computer graphics imagery (CGI) technology. Rather than taking a traditional photograph of the product, our skilled artists build a three-dimensional model of your product in a virtual space. Once the model is complete, we can manipulate it to create different views, set it against various backgrounds, and adjust lighting conditions to achieve the perfect shot.

This results in high-quality, realistic images that catch the eye and beautifully showcase your product. The digital nature of these images offers unmatched versatility, enabling you to use them across multiple platforms and settings without the need for physical product samples, location, or lighting constraints.

One more thing! When it comes to leveraging 3D technology for product customization, one can swiftly and economically modify elements like liquid color or label material. This enables efficient and seamless adaptation while preserving the essence of the original product.

Updated on: 15/08/2023