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Do you have limitations when it comes to closures?

At Outshinery, we take great pride in our profound understanding of the beverage industry.

We have in-depth knowledge of different screwcap types used in the wine industry. From the simple Stelvin original with its aluminum cap to the advanced Stelvin LUX and the knurling-free Stelvin, we can create accurate renders of any screwcap variety, including the latest addition—the WAK closure.

When it comes to corks, we are well-versed in every aspect. From innovative options like DIAM and Nomacorc to traditional choices like natural corks, synthetic corks, and composite corks, we can expertly apply your logo to them.

Additionally, we are experienced in handling specialty closures such as glass stoppers, dipped wax method, small wax buttons, and bartop (t-top) cork stoppers.

Our advanced 3D modelling technology empowers us to accommodate any custom design on your bottle's capsule. As long as your supplier can manufacture the design, our talented team can create a photorealistic image that perfectly captures your vision. So, don't hesitate to unleash your creativity — we are here to bring it to life.

Interested in deepening your knowledge about closures for the wine industry? Look no further! We have a comprehensive guide that covers all the aspects you need to know. Explore it here and unlock a world of information.

Updated on: 16/08/2023