This is a fun part, like flipping through a magazine. Head over to the Outshinery Market link in your Studio dashboard to browse an ever-changing set of images.

Look through collections, sort by occasions, and click to add to your cart. You'll then provide us with a bit of information for each Lifestyle Image and when you are ready, click "Complete My Order" to finalize the transaction. You'll also need to have Shine Credits in your account, to pay for the Lifestyle Images. More on that here, if you have questions.

If you're wondering, here's the information you'll provide:

Select your format
Tell us what products to place in the Lifestyle Image
List how bottles should appear, from left to right
Share details to help us understand how you want this asset to look

To get up to speed on all things Lifestyle Images, download this handy quick guide.


Thanks for the feedback! 🙏🏽