The files we need is are your label artwork, but here's a bit about the process, which takes about 5 minutes at your computer:

You will complete a short yet detailed questionnaire about your product. You'll indicate elements such as your specific bottle shape, the color of the glass, the color of the liquid, and the type of closure you’re using. Then, you’ll be prompted to upload your label artwork — the same files you sent to your printer for production.

But you will need to share electronic files of your label artwork, the same material you provide to your printer (or layered .ai and .pdf files) so you should have everything we need on hand already. In order to get flawless and accurate images, you will need to share the files as specified during the ordering process. If you have custom artwork on the cork, screwcap, or capsule, you’ll need to send over those files too. The higher quality of the files, the better the finished results will be for you. The process to share the files with Outshinery is super quick and done completely online too.

No physical samples needed. You'll get proofs to approve before receiving the final deal: high-resolution images you can use anywhere.


Thanks for the feedback! 🙏🏽